Go in, Go out

It may sound absurd to apply solventless acrylic powders to a fabric surface. Idly, I started doing this practice to understand the rhythm and climate of Macondo, the city where I live now. Notions of time, contemplative states, cyclical and repetitive actions are sometimes interrupted by a more abrupt gesture. Thus, the mixture of continuous brushstrokes of volatile material and others that are closer to a stippling, allows the formation of these simple figures.

The result are containers of shapes and silences, directions and ambiguities. Get in and get out, get back in. Later, despite the abrupt gesture, I return to the cyclical and repetitive actions. Just as it happens in Macondo. In this city, everything works like an ellipse that constantly returns to the path it had already traveled. Despite the permeability and the passage of time, its structure is the same.

On this occasion I use the technique of painting because it has an inherent time. A properly pictorial synthesis of time. The result is capsules once again permeable by time, matter and space.